About Us

Membership Fees



1 Adult (kids U16 Free) 65

2 Adults/Family (kids U16 Free) 110

Morning Play (M-F 6am - 9am) ONLY 25




1 Adult (kids U16 Free) 650

2 Adults/Family (kids U16 Free) 950

Morning Play (6am - 9am) ONLY 275


 Fee (Mon, Wed, Fri 5-10:45pm, wknd all day) 10

 Tuesday & Thursdays between 6:30-8:30pm ONLY MEMBERS

Opening Hours

For all walk-ins:


Mon, Wed, Fri: 5pm - 10:45pm

Tue & Thurs: 8:30pm - 10:45pm

Sat & Sun: 8am - 10:45pm

Shoe Policy

Very important!! Everyone who plays on our courts should wear clean non-marking indoor shoes! This does not mean that players should wear badminton shoes only.

But shoes should be:

•Clean and completely dry

•Not ever worn outside

•Without black soles


This shoe policy is not just for our courts. It is also to prevent injuries to our players and their kids. Also, badminton shoes wear out quickly if they are worn outside! THERE WILL BE A FINE OF $500 IF YOUR SHOES LEAVE MARKS ON THE COURTS. We have a test mat where you can test your shoes before entering the courts.

Membership Policy

Members of Badminton NC may enjoy unlimited play during the club business hours. This privilege applies to monthly and yearly members of the club.

Kids and Play:

Members’ kid(s) under the age of 16 may play without charge as long as there is an empty court available. When the club gets busy, paid members and guests will have the priority.



All memberships are subject to an automatic renewal. That means the credit card members used for the first transaction will be automatically charged every time the membership is up for renewal, be it every month or every year. That being said, it is very important for members to know their membership renewal date. If members need to change the credit card to be charged, please let us know.


Termination of Membership:

If members wish to terminate their membership, they should email us (info@badmintonnc.com) before the automatic renewal occurs. Once a credit card has already been charged, then members should honor their current membership. BNC does NOT return any membership fees charged due to a late membership termination request.


Access Card:

Members may get an access card to the club in order to play during our day time non-business hours with $5 cash deposit. To get a card, just talk to a person at the front desk. Please note that only members may have an access to the club when the club house is closed. Non-members are not allowed to play during this time. We have a special agreement with our landlord/insurance company to allow ONLY members of BNC while we are closed! If this rule is not honored, we may risk losing the agreement and nobody would be able to play during our day time non-business hours.



We usually have 3 tournaments in May, August, and October/November to be held at BNC. Also, there are some other tournaments outside BNC. We encourage our members and junior players to participate in those tournaments.

There will be no regular play or training in the club during the tournaments. BNC does not offer make-ups for the junior training missed due to the tournaments for the reason that we encourage our juniors to play in the tournaments as a learning experience.


Guests and Play:

Guests are welcome to play by paying a drop-in fee of $10 per adult. They should sign a waiver before play and the same shoe policy shown above applies.